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For information on poisonous substances and how to reach the ASPCA's poison hotline, please visit:

For information about how ticks and 
mosquitos effect dogs in our area, please visit: 

The Internet provides a lot of information with varying levels of expertise.  The links provided below are meant for supplemental learning from reliable resources.  As always, if you are experiencing a problem, please call us.
 Why to microchip and how it works
Periodontal disease and dental care
Ear Cleaning
If your cat or dog is experiencing gastrointestinal problems, please call us for an appointment.  It is recommended that fecal samples are checked on an annual basis.  For more information on intestinal parasites, please visit:
We are now offering a vaccination against Leptospirosis.  Lepto is a bacterial infection spread in the urine of infected carrier animals.  Infection can be as easy as walking through wet grass containing contaminated urine and licking a paw.  Leptospirosis can be fatal due to renal failure.  For more information regarding Leptospirosis, please visit: