Miller Trunk Veterinary Clinic
Miller Trunk Veterinary Clinic
5285 Miller Trunk Highway
Hermantown, MN 55811

Open Monday - Thursday 8a - 5p

 Please call for an appointment  218-729-7959
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We take pride in creating the best care plan for your companion.  
We believe no one knows your pet like you and value your involvement. 

Wellness exams are recommended on an annual basis. 

We also offer exams for illness and injury.
Laboratory Services

4dx: tests for heartworm 
disease and 3 tick borne diseases, including Lyme disease.
Fecal flotations: tests for internal parasites.
We offer complete diagnostics for diseases such as: diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.


We offer radiographs for injury, illness, and pregnancy as well as our specialized dental radiographs.
Anesthetic Procedures

Dental Procedures
Miscellaneous Procedures
**We also collaborate with Dr. Calvin Kobluk, board certified surgeon, for our orthopedic procedures.

We have a full pharmacy to provide your pet with the medication they need.

Microchip Implantation

Often when our pets get lost, they have also lost their collars and any identifying tags.
Microchipping is a permanent identification method.  Pets who go to shelters are automatically checked for microchips,and having one helps bring your companion home.
We offer customized care options based on your pets lifestyle and needs.