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Vectra is a user friendly and efficient product for flea and tick control.  Applied once, it is a good compliment to your dogs Lyme disease vaccination.  Using a topical preventative gives dogs a second defense against Lyme disease.  It is currently the only method to prevent other tick borne diseases common to our area, such as Anaplasmosis, for which there is no current vaccination. Vectra is not consumable by felines.  Please ask us about details!
Heartworm disease is spread by infected mosquitos.  Once infected, the treatment for heartworm is costly and risky for your dog,making preventative a must.  Dogs are required to be tested for heartworm prior to the start of prevention to avoid risks.   
Bravecto is a chewable tablet used for the treatment of fleas and ticks.  One tablet equals three months of protection.  The manufacturer provides a $15.00 rebate on the purchase of two Bravecto chews.
We have foods available for dental health, gastroenteric issues, diabetes, kidney disfunction, urinary health, and many others.  The foods are prescription and will require the doctor's approval, so please call us if you think your companion could benefit from a specific diet!
We have dental food, treats, and toothbrushes/toothpaste (flavored for your cat or dog) available.  Cats and dogs should not be using our toothpaste which contains fluoride.  We have cost effective options for your pet.  Brushing teeth is best started at a young age, and will not be the only solution.  Just like us, our companions will also require cleanings and examinations.  
​Anxiety produces a lot of problems for pets and owners.  It can cause inappropriate urination and destruction to property.  Animals that suffer from anxiety have internal struggles that cause them to act out.  We offer calming pheromone products for anxiety which are non-prescription,as well as prescription medication.  The focus of these treatments is not to sedate your animal, but to target the anxiety itself, which helps both animal and owner.